Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Have you ever wondered . .

about directions on food packages that say things like, "please tear along line"? Really, why so polite? Are they afraid people might be insulted and feel like they're being forced into doing things they don't want to do if they aren't asked nicely? Did they receive one too many comment emails saying that people felt their directions were too forceful and 'direct'? Or maybe they're afraid of renegade patrons running a muck and tearing the packet vertically rather than horizontally and spilling their ramen noodle flavor packet all over the counter instead of in the noodles . . . I've really got no direction with this. I'm just saying that I find it a little strange . .


Maria said...

It's true - their politeness is uncalled for! What I love is the directions on certain juices (I think it's Minute Maid) it says - "shake gently before enjoying". Cocky SOB's - how do they know I'll enjoy it?

MJ said...

You know, I'm sure it's the lack of a creative advertising campaign. That phrase has probably been on the Ramen Noodle spice packets since before we were born. Maybe we should email them and ask them to update it to something like, "Good luck getting this to open without spilling half of it on the counter." Or, "Confucius say, The more noodle you eat, the more you weigh." Of course there's also the modern, "Tear Here."

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