Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

So I'm a little slow, but I was sick the ENTIRE first week of the new year (still not totally over it) and didn't get out of bed for FOUR (yes, four) whole days. Good and bad all at the same time. And in hindsight, it should have given me plenty of time to write a post about my resolutions. Oops. Anyway, I've been thinking about my resolutions and actually, I hate them. Resolutions are stupid. I think we should strive to be better all of the time and not wait until a marker point to start. But whatever, I'm not judging. I put off starting that new diet/workout plan until Monday, too.

It seems like I've been making a lot of lists on my blog lately and well, I have. Deal with it . . if you don't like it proceed to navigate elsewhere now. I won't be hurt because the fact that you opened the page to start with will show in my page counter and I'll still feel popular.

I will find a better filing system for my receipts. The shoebox is not doing its job.

I will stop carrying my credit cards in my wallet. For all intensive purposes, that should stop most impulse buying. (Damn you online shopping!)

I will stop blogging on company time (as soon as I finish this post).

I will stop working during personal time (as soon as these books go to press).

I will start dating again. It's time to stop punishing all men for the mistakes of the few. Besides, they need me.

I will finally weigh what my driver's license says I weigh. Only 8 lbs to go! (Which is pretty good considering I lied to start with - but what woman doesn't? I didn't judge you, return the favor.)

I will read my scriptures daily - started last night. First time in . . way longer than I'm going to admit. But look at me go!

I will read more and play solitaire less. I think I just admitted to being a loser.

I will stop cheating on my food journal ... as soon as I find a way to eat everything I want and not feel guilty. It's so much more fattening when it's written down.

I will run at least two 5k's this year, and hopefully a 10k. Sorry Maria, I can't see any half marathons in my near future. But maybe next year . .

I will start going to the kickboxing classes at the gym. I so miss feeling like I could kick a little #@%.

I will get my finances in check so that I can buy a new(er) car this summer.

I will start doing strength training while I watch TV instead of playing solitaire. There I go, admitting to my loserness again.

I will take Chuck the Wonder Dog on longer runs (as soon as it warms up a bit and the sidewalks defrost), and actually run (most of the way).

I will stop letting others dictate how I feel about myself.

I will stop buying shoes . . okay, that's a lie. But it sounds good.

I will start taking more pictures. I've got to justify my student loans somehow.

I will then start posting said pictures so all of you can comment and tell me how cool they are.

I will stop opening so many browser windows at the same time so I'll stop getting the stupid spinning wheel of death. Seriously this post has taken twice as long as it should have.

I will spend more time with those that mean the most instead of being a recluse. Even if they live in different states (Jana, Casey and Michelle, etc etc I'm on my way - make up the couch.)

I will learn to edit myself so my blog post won't be so freakin long! But once I get on a roll I just keep going . .

I will fix up everything in my house that needs to be done that doesn't cost a lot of money, ie finish painting the banister, paint the kitchen, make my yard my own and not my dogs, etc etc.

I will be patient with the people in my life. While I rarely ever say anything . . I get really annoyed with y'all sometimes. Sorry about that.

I will lay off the sarcasm. HA! And if you believe that I've got some ocean front property in Arizona . . .

I will start writing again. And I mean REALLY writing. Not just lame blog posts that few people read (but even then, maybe I should go private - sorry, sarcasm). Maybe I'll write that book that Marion as been pushing all these years. The question is, what do I write about? I'll be taking suggestions via blog comments.

I will find a new ward - and like it. Or at least appear to. I may even try to talk to people.

I will stop rambling about nothing . . . . . .

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Megan said...

I am breaking one of your New Year's resolutions: I will stop blogging on company time (as soon as I finish this post).
I bet you wish you hadn't been so hasty in making that commitment.... :D

All of the true things that I am about to tell you are shameless lies.
- Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.