Friday, December 26, 2008

The year 2009 will be dedicated to . . .

Randy - who was so sweet and shy when he asked if he could kiss me.
He who shall not be named - because he is now the very dear husband of a very dear friend.
Edward - who wrote me love poems and songs in our trig class.
Anonymous - for leaving "anonymous" notes in my locker.
Jimmy - for being so obvious, he was borderline stalker.
Travis - who first taught me what love could feel like.
D.Y. - for making fun of Travis for having a crush on me and with that, crushing my self-esteem.
Gene - who showed up at my apartment to ask my out in his mascot uniform because he believed it was cool.
Justin - who fed me well and frequently.
Jim - who helped me realize that a girl could get anything she wanted with a cute smile and a sly look.
Brad & Patrick - who taught me how much fun it was to be fought over.
Alex & Rhett - who taught me the same thing, all over again.
Brady - who reminds me that true love really does exist, every time he looks at MJ.
Jaris - whom I had to stop dating because our names were too similar and it was just too cheezie for me.
Lee - who thought he could get away with kissing one of my best friends and then come cuddling up on me when she left the room.
Mike - who will always be the one that got away.
Joe - (the security guy) who protected me from all of the crazy guys that were shopping. *gasp*
Bill - who was just fun to look at.
Carlos - for shamelessly flirting with me even though I was WAY too old for him.
Joe - (the other one) who first opened the door for me into other cultures.
Scott - who was too shy to do anything about it.
Adam & Jethro - who were never more than friends but have meant more to me than any other guys in my life.
Josh - who was way too excited about the concept of marriage.
Jered - who gave me free film and developing so he could butter me up to ask me out.
Dave - for letting me be his first "real girlfriend".
Eric - who taught me that love isn't always enough.
The guy with the dreadlocks whose name I can't remember - for reminding me why I'd never date a smoker (like licking and ashtray, I tell ya).
John - (28 day boy) who showed me that some people really do just want to get married and it doesn't matter to whom.
Jared - (the other one) for lacking the logic that would give him any sense of commitment (see true story).
Larry - for always asking the hard questions.
Chuck - for always making me laugh.
Hector - for giving me the chance to win over his friends.
Vic - for his formality and old fashioned way of thinking.
"Rick" (not his real name) - for giving me one of the GREATEST bad date stories of all time.
Joel - for teaching me what TRUE heartbreak feels like.
The dude that taught at my gym - for making me feel self-conscious in class, but in a good way.
Andy - for getting jealous every time I'd talk to one of his friends.
Tejus - who fizzled quicker than he sizzled but always made me feel better about myself.
My brothers - who helped me develop a thick skin and an easy-going sense of humor.
My Dad - who taught me that I deserve better.

So here's to 2009 and to a year full of love and laughter and the good kind of tears and a year free of heartache and pain. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has an even better new year!


Anonymous said...

Edward J. is on facebook. You should find him...:)

Maria said...

You freaking made me cry you jerk! Yes, I laughed, I cried, I sighed. I think you are one of the greatest bloggers out there - a little sporadic and maybe even borderline neglectful (not that I have ANY room to talk) but I love EVERY single one of your posts. You are MY blogger inspiration!

All of the true things that I am about to tell you are shameless lies.
- Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.