Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is it odd . .

that I randomly blogstalk people I've never met and steal ideas from their blogs? Okay, that's not totally true. She did ask for people to make their own lists and the post them back to her - so here goes:

Is it odd that I:

* could and would eat an entire watermelon every week if they were available year round?
* am having a very hard time thinking of things that are odd about me even though I know the list is extremely long?
* will stay in bed for hours pretending to be asleep because I believe everyday starts better with sunshine?
* will stay up until 2am so that I will sleep in later and not have to pretend?
* can take hours to do something simple and easy because I get distracted by Mah Jong games?
* have HUNDREDS of recipes in not one, but two special folders bookmarked on my computer but I've only ever made maybe two of them?
* can hear a song just once and then be able to sing it word for word (but if the music isn't playing I can hardly get out two lines of the chorus)?
* have developed crushes on all of the boys from The Big Bang Theory (except Howard . . those bright red pants and turtleneck dickies just don't do it for me)?
* that I've got chocolate and junk food (chocolate is never considered junk in my world) stashed in random places all over the house but I rarely eat it? Or at least rarely finish it before it's stale?
* that I refuse to add people from high school as friends on Facebook? I'll accept their request if they send it to me, but I won't send out the invitation. Call me insecure or something.
* that I get disappointed when I don't get any mail? It makes me feel important when I get credit card offers.
* that I LOVE buying shoes (I probably own 50 pair) but I HATE wearing them?
* tell everyone I'm opposed to blind dating but really it's a confidence thing and I'm always afraid the guy will be disappointed (but don't tell my friends, they'll get mad and start trying to set me up again)?
* that I often forget to eat and then can't figure out why I've got a headache?

So tell me what makes you odd and/or normal?

Make your own list and link it back to me and to Kelly cuz we want to know too. Plus, knowing your oddities makes us feel better about ourselves.


Obi said...

"that I refuse to add people from high school as friends on Facebook? I'll accept their request if they send it to me, but I won't send out the invitation. Call me insecure or something."

not insecure. But I just don't have anything to *SAY* to people from high school... okay well.. I have things to *SAY* Just.. nothing nice... so why waste my breath and time?

Amanda said...

No, I'm completely with you on the Facebook/high school thing.

Allison said...

You seem awesome. Haha, things you think are random or weird I totally do too! I bookmark A LOT of pages... it's crazy. And I always eat watermelon- it's delicious!And I get disappointed all the time without mail. :D

Cute blog!

Priscila said...

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MJ said...

It is odd that you haven't written anything for a little while. I love your blog silly girl so write some more. PLEASE!!!

I just went to type in the word verification and it says refart. Now that is odd!

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