Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tag: 6 Random Things About Me

So Marion posted this a week or so ago and I "virtually argued" with her about whether or not I was going to fall into the tagging vortex. But in the spirit of my new self awareness I've decided to follow suit - so here goes.

PS To read the entire conversation between Marion and myself please refer to her Random Post

1. I can't begin my day without chocolate milk.
From the time I was in high school - maybe even younger - I have started everyday (well, every day that started before noon) with a glass of chocolate milk. My mom only buys the chocolate powder but since the day I started buying my own groceries it was Hershey syrup or nothing for me. And, unfortunately for Marion, I rubbed off on her children. Jet now refused to use powdered chocolate and on multiple occasions has attempted to steal the syrup out of my fridge when he was visiting.

2. I organize my closet in a rainbow pattern.
What can I say? I have A LOT of clothes. When you're single you've got no one else to spend your money on and with that you end up with a huge overstuffed closet. It just makes it easier to find my favorite top if I know approximately where it is. And even with the two huge trash bags I filled for the DI last week my closet still seems to be busting at the seams (pun intended).

3. Contrary to popular belief, I was not named after Janis Joplin.
Okay, so no one really believes that, but it's still one of my favorite "exaggerations". Against my mother's wishes I've often told people that my name is spelled like it is because my parents were hippies and the whole farm thing was a sham that they used to hide the weed they had growing in between the corn rows. (Most people don't catch on to the fact that my parents are too old to be hippies and my dad enlisted during the Korean war, not Vietnam.) But makes for a much better story than, "My mom spelled it phonetically so my dad, who's a bad speller, would get it right. But she didn't know he had a friend growing up named Janice." As a side note, my dad spelled my name wrong until I was in high school

5. I'm slightly dyslexic.
But only when it comes to numbers. ;-) I discovered this in a math class in high school. Marion and I would spend hours studying for tests and going over all of the formulas and everything that we needed to know. And I'd know exactly how to do everything but somehow always did really poorly on the tests. So she checked one for me once and discovered that on every problem I'd gotten wrong I'd transposed or mixed up my numbers in some ridiculous way. Sadly, I still manage to do the same thing when balancing my checkbook.

4. I can't spell the word awesome, without doing the cheer in my head.
It's sad, but true. And to make matters worse, I also mentally do the actions and imagine jumping around in a short skirt flashing my crotch to the crowd. How's that for a visual?

6. My name is Janis, and I'm a musiholic.
On my laptop I currently have 3,307 songs. And that's just on my laptop. I have another 3,000 or so on my iMac. And I've probably got a couple hundred CD's stored away that I've yet to upload to my collection. I know to some people that really isn't that much, but when you consider that out of that 10,000 or so songs I know all of the lyrics to about 98% of them it becomes a little more impressive. . to me at least.

And I guess with that, I am done. So, if you've read my six random things above then that means it's now your turn. You have officially been tagged.
Good luck with that!


Maria said...

You are too funny! I wish I was as funny and creative as you.

Megan said...

Good thing I didn't actually read your post. I had one of the warehouse workers read it to me.
Those things are random, but they are great! They are just a few of the things that make you so awesome!

Maria said...

OH, and I have the same issue with the word AWESOME. I have to do the cheer in my head as well.

MJ said...

You are so funny! You didn't have to do the tag thing but I'm glad you did.

You should add that you love those church signs with the quotes on them. My favorite one is still the one in NC that said, "Got Jesus? Samples inside."

I love it when I get a text from you and it's one of those quotes.

All of the true things that I am about to tell you are shameless lies.
- Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.